GTA 5: How to get easy money!

GTA 5: How to get easy money!

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teppolundgren says:

You betcha.

Now, where can I find a casino?

natan182ful says:

The sunset is so beautiful :,)

teppolundgren says:

I think it was just after I’d helped Tanya out with one of those damned towing truck missions.

Runescape says:

Or just do the missions and get millions. :)

Zooka128 says:

It’s not even on PC yet.

Koleen Suarez says:

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Filip Klíma says:

Guys if you can´t find the money, just go down the plane its really by the plane . It´s can´t be seen from above.

Jose Verbakel says:

where the fuck is it died 6 times …

keru2010 says:

where was this? :O

keru2010 says:

just found out that the golf club costs 50m O.O

DtownCboy says:

hahaha u didnt make it did u?

Kevin Flannery says:

Ha! Yeah, I can definitely see how people would think this is crazy but I figure this is something that a future game patch will probably eliminate. My guess is it will be gone when multi player is released so I figured I’d take the time to utilize it before its gone. Now it’s all about investing in BAWSAQ and buying businesses. Supposedly the Marijuana shop will earn Franklin $9,000/week.

Kelly Fenner says:

There is that Los Santos Golf Club place that costs $150mil. You should get to diving a bit more.

Robbie Blake says:

12k? I can get that by robbing a couple of armored vans, and have a lot more fun than swimming around for ages.

Kevin Flannery says:

Yep. I had to switch characters 91 times to do it. But to me, the 45 minutes it took will be well worth it for the remainder of the game. Now I never have to worry about Franklin being short on cash again and I was able to buy up all the guns, armor and ammunition I could possibly need. With GTA V I’m trying to go all the way through without using cheat codes, otherwise this would all be useless.

Mario Italia says:

1mil ?!

gunzoline93 says:

fo’ real?

Kevin Flannery says:

This worked perfectly for me with Franklin. I had him dive down to the briefcase then just switched back and forth between Michael and Franklin constantly until Franklin had $1,100,000. It took about 45 minutes but I figured the time spent was well worth it to not worry about cash with him anymore.

As someone else mentioned, the trick is to put Franklin where the briefcase is and immediately switch to Michael and back again. This restores Franklin’s oxygen and the briefcase comes back.

svkEinard says:

Oceanic Flight 815

Justin Rogers says:

For all the people who’s saying it doesn’t work on PS3. IT DOES! It took me about 3 tries and eventually I found the right spot and got the $12 000

00chevrolet00 says:

nice works on ps3 MG, AK47, Full armor jacket, health, all kinds of goodies

Aaron Wells says:

Thank you!!

Joe Hall says:

I was hoping this would make millions not $12k!

teppolundgren says:

You’re basically just cashing in on the stock market exchange.

The guy’s company (ARK?) is a hot IT company that is doing very well, so the recession isn’t going to influence its financial fortunes too much. Which means that holding shares in ARK is a very good idea, since the value of those shares increases frequently, or stays pretty much the same.

How do you get the money? You sell your shares. But you have to choose WHEN to sell them.
The longer you wait, the more you accumulate.

Aaron Wells says:

same thing happened to me but how do you get money every day please tell me!!

ThePresley1989 says:

Didnt you die at the last?

teppolundgren says:

12.000? Ooooh!

I ran across a random event, where a guy’s bicycle had just been stolen.
So I got it back for him, and later on, he sent me an SMS, telling me that he’s a rich businessman.
And conveniently, he gave me 100.000 bucks by way of giving thanks.
Money that he’d invested in his company, by the way.

So now my profit of the shares in his company grows by another 100.000 every 24 hours, and I don’t have to do shit!

But go ahead and dive if you feel like it…

Prodigious Soto says:

It works on ps3 also

1080racaille says:

i just drowned so leave it its not easy easier is to steal money on store fag

1080racaille says:

its not easy at all they are shark there

veilside drifter says:

Yea there is. I just found it

krystian1333 says:

The whole mapped is unlocked.

XxPNH207xX says:

How do you unlock the whole map or do you have to drive over there?

npowleynpowley says:

Slinky falling

Mabra51 says:

There’s no cash here!

nasty nate says:

well this is alot quicker than chasing hookers down the street and bashing them on the head but maybe not as fun.

GeNetiX9871 says:

he’s dead

StoneyX213 says:

when you switch characters to make money do i have to drive each character back up here?

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