GTA V Ways to Make Money (GTA 5)

GTA V Ways to Make Money (GTA 5)

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i cant take my gun out in the store. why?

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bradley camp says:

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Omar Ak says:

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Zuthica says:

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Roberto Black says:

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nathancarlk says:

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cobi brient says:

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Mi××ed - King says:

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Tishquid says:

at least he spelled specifically right…

carl ross says:

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Max Kirchgässner says:

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Hubert Spans says:

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Kgetja Mamabolo says:

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salauddin bhuiyan says:

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zebie31 says:

when you rob a ammu-nation store it would be cool if you could take all the guns too, that would be fun

sean d Campbell says:

You really need to work on your shotgun aim

alexclark9292 says:

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Thomas k says:

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Thomas k says:

Woweeeee!!!! You mean you can do all that on GTA 5? I’m going to buy it today!!!!

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